Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Cookbooks at the Library

I got these from the library.  The Jamie book is probably good for someone that is not American.  They were the usual "American" recipes.  Nothing really outstanding.
This Nigella book I didn't care for.  I made a couple of the recipes but the food had no taste.  A real disappointment.  I am glad I didn't pay for these books.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hello JoAnne, we love Jamie cookbooks too, he has a great one at the moment 30 minute meals , not one course , but 3... I am going to buy it. Nigella's books are normally good, and so are her programmes, but she lives in another world, and cooks in the middle of the night in her silk pyjamas!!!

indiebird said...

What Anne said. I think the Jamie America book is more for us English-types who see all this fab American food and want to know how to make it ourselves without worrying over what 'a stick of butter' might weigh.

jmisgro said...

I never worry about butter!! If you saw me you would agree!! lol
There are some great recipes in Jamie's book.