Thursday, September 1, 2011

Frank's Omelet

Frank likes omelets.  As I was making it this morning I realized it was a Primal omelet!  So I took some photos as I was making it.

1 -2 T olive oil
2 whole eggs
3 egg whites (Frank doesn't really like egg yolks.)
Some peppers and onions  - I use fresh or frozen whatever's on hand.  Last week I used some fried peppers (in olive oil) I had made earlier in the week.
2 pieces of Applegate Uncured Ham - sliced

I put the olive oil in the pan and add peppers and onions. Season with some salt and pepper.  After they have sauteed a bit add the ham.

I scramble the eggs in a bowl, then add to the pan.

I let the eggs cook for a minute or two then use the spatula to push the eggs to the middle and run some of the uncooked egg to the side. It cooks more evenly and gets most of the egg mixture cooked before flipping. I do that several times.  Flip and cook other side. Sometimes I do not get the whole thing to flip in one piece.  But that is okay, you are going to break it and eat it anyway!!  Then serve!


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