Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Zucchini Noodles

A few weeks ago I posted on FB that we had Zoodles for dinner. An idea I got from The Real Food Mama. A friend thought I meant this...

which is the UK version of this American crap!
I never ate this when I was a kid unless I was forced to, which happened quite a bit because my younger sister loved Spaghettios.

But this is what we ate for dinner on Sunday.

It is SO good.  Ragu sauce (tomato based sauce with meat, not the crap you buy in a jar) with zucchini instead of pasta topped with Romano cheese from sheep's milk (not the crap in a green can).  Even Frank likes it. 
Here's a photo of the zucchini noodles while it is cooking.

I saute the zucchini until it is almost soft and then I add the sauce that I made earlier and let the zucchini simmer in the sauce until it is finished.  So yummy!!


Gil said...

We always called the stuff in the green can sawdust. Our neighbors used it, while we were used to real cheese!

Vanessa said...

I make "zoodles" as well. I use a julienne peeler to make them long an thing like fettucini noodles. If you look at a can of Spaghettio's they actually boast it has protein and veggies in it!